Heat Mat + Clutch - Black

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The Mermade Heat Mat + Clutch is the perfect 3-in-1 accessory every hot tool needs!

With perforated lightweight neoprene fabric on the outside finished with a secure buckle, you can take your Mermade Hair tools wherever you go for easy storage and travel. The detachable safety mat protects your surfaces from heat and can be used with any hot tool – just remember to always use your safety stand. Hashtag versatile.

  • Safety mat – heat-proof safety mat to protect surfaces
  • Storage – easy storage and travel bag
  • Detachable – Velcro easily detaches the bag from the outer mat
  • Secure buckle – keeps your waver snug as a bug
  • Padded neoprene material – padding on the outside to protect the tools on the inside
  • Custom design – the only bag that fits the 1.25" Mermade Waver


Also available in Pink.