Detangle Brush

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Detangle your mane with the Mermade Detangle Brush - the all-in-one brush for quick drying, detangling, and styling. Designed to detangle your hair with less breakage and damage, it's soft and flexible bristles will glide through wet or dry hair. It also provides an invigorating scalp massage, promoting a healthy scalp and hair cuticle. 


  • Detangling – flexible bristles gently detangles hair
  • Scalp stimulating - soft bristles massage the scalp and promote scalp health
  • Gentle - for brushing out curls and waves to neaten hair 
  • Vented paddle – designed to remove moisture faster for quick drying
  • Heat-resistant bristles – can be used with Mermade Hair Dryer or Blow Dry Brush
  • Multi-use – can be used on both wet and dry hair
  • Lightweight – easy to use
  • Luxe box – perfect for gifting

How to Use:

For use on wet hair:
Gently glide through hair to remove knots and tangles. Use in conjunction with our Blow Dry Brush for faster drying. Can be used in the shower to distribute conditioner and hair masks. 

For use on dry hair:
Gently brush hair to remove knots and tangles. After styling, gently brush out waves and curls to neaten hair and get the on-trend mermade wave.