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Not sure which of our 18+ hair shades is best for you? Let us help you.

Option 1: Send us Photos of Yourself

If you want quick colour matching advice then you can email us your pictures.

Please make sure that you take the photograph in daylight using no flash.

One of our colour matching experts will recommend the best colour for you.

Option 2: Tag Us

Save some time and tag us in your most recent photo. Make sure it's a recent photo of yourself showing the current length and colour of your hair. 

Make sure all your hair is left down and ensure as much of your hair is in the photo as possible. The ends of your hair must also be visible. Lastly, no filters!

Tag us at @theextensionroom and comment "Help me pick my shade."

Option 3: In-person Colour Matching

If you're in Regina, SK, come visit us! For availability, just email us.




It's not always possible to perfectly represent the true hair colour on the Web (photos supplied and computer screen settings can distort the true colour), therefore in case if you receive the wrong shade you can always exchange it for a different shade FREE of charge.