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If you're here, it means we’d love to work with you! Whether you are a new influencer just starting out, or experienced content creator with a YouTube channel, Blog or Instagram account, our Ambassador program is the perfect way to get paid while you share our incredible hair products.

By joining our Ambassador program, you'll become a valued member of The Extension Room family, with the added bonus of getting rewarded each time your audience shops your recommendations. Even better, when you create beautiful looks using The Extension Room hair, we will also feature your photos on our social platforms.

Submit your application now.  It’s super easy to apply and takes just a few seconds.

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  • Free to join and you get paid for each purchase made as a result of someone purchasing via your partner link or discount code.
  • Create your own unique discount code.
  • Access to a personal ambassador dashboard where you can track your commission.
  • Be featured on our social media platforms, gaining extra exposure.
  • Receive VIP promotions, exclusive to The Extension Room partners.


  1. Your content is beauty, fashion or hair focused
  2. You have 2000+ followers on Instagram
  3. You have experience with wearing and styling hair extensions
  4. Must be following @theextensionroom on Instagram
Bonus requirements:
You have a YouTube channel showcasing hair extension reviews + hairstyle tutorials
You have tried The Extension Room hair extensions
You love to create makeup or hair tutorials and routine videos on Instagram